This is a legally binding agreement document stating the terms and conditions of the services provided by Woodscape Interiors, and your usage of the same. We request you to kindly read this document completely before availing any of our services. If you do not agree to any of the terms or conditions, you may discuss it further with us and we shall make the best amends possible given a choice. ONLY once agreed upon mutually, shall we go ahead with serving you. 

  1. Any project once confirmed, upon payment of a mutually agreed advance amount, CANNOT be cancelled. Even if cancelled under inevitable circumstances, the advance remains non-refundable.
  2. Our services are solely rendered in house. As for products, some are produced in our factory while some are sourced outside. The customer will be thoroughly notified of the same and all details such as prices, vendor details, and so forth remain to be confidential information and therefore are exclusive to Woodscape. 
  3. Brand preferences of products and raw materials may be put forth by the customer and if it fits within the budget and time frame, will definitely be sourced and fitted as per the customer’s requirement.
  4. Details such as profit percentile, turnovers, and others alike remain to be solely confidential information of Woodscape and any breach or attempt to breach this privacy will be dealt with legally.
  5. All customized designs and the details concerned will be discussed in complete transparency with the customer at various levels of its development and will be handed over as per the time required for its manufacture and delivery.
  6. Once a project has been confirmed, the customer and the Woodscape representative are to maintain communications via Email in addition to calls, texts and the like. 
  7. A minimum response time of 24 hours is requested of the customer to wait for a response on any of our digital platforms. 
  8. All pictures, videos and other content posted on Woodscape’s website, and other digital platforms are solely the property of Woodscape and any recreation, replication or reproduction of the same will be considered plagiarism liable to a copyright infringement.
  9. All types of testimonials (images, videos, written) shall be posted upon explicit consent of the concerned customer
  10. Woodscape is liable to the standard GST, IT and other taxations under the Indian government. All prices mentioned anywhere on any of our digital platforms, forms, quotations (get a free estimate feature), and the like are exclusive of taxes and are only an approximate estimate. 
  11. Exact pricing inclusive of taxes will be only disclosed once the project is confirmed and is taken to the next level viz. a meeting with the Managing Director Mr. Agnel Asir.
  12. Woodscape reserves the sole right to modify prices in light of unforeseen circumstances, at any time during the ongoing process of the project until handover. Due information will be disclosed to concerned client as soon as possible.
  13. Woodscape reserves the sole right to withhold or delay handover in light of delay of payment, or pending dues from the client’s end.
  14. Due credit will be given to sources of images, videos, and any other content taken from third party sources.
  15. Images, and other visual content displayed or used in discussions are for purposes of reference only. Negligible changes in comparison to the actual final output are to be expected by the customer owing to various reasons such as editing, usage of different materials, and the like.
  16. Woodscape is bound by the generic and specific cyber laws, and other laws concerning the Construction and Interiors engineering industry of the Indian government.