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The solution to the Interior Design Dilemmas

If you have a design dilemma, Woodscape Interiors, the best interior designer in Chennai is here to assist. We have the sound advice to help you solve tricky design challenges, whether you’re remodelling your kitchen or arranging furniture in your living room.

There are a lot of possibilities in the world of home interior design, where originality and creativity can lead to many opportunities and where there is always something that can be optimized and enhanced. Occasionally, this can be regarded as a curse because interior design work never ends. Designers often find that their never-ending stream of ideas is what keeps them motivated. Continuously learning and discovering new things is always interesting, fun, and refreshing. 

Read on for some tricks that will help you divide, hide or change the focus of a room that is as narrow as a tube or far too large. You can also stick with some of the Best interior designer in Chennai if you don’t have any idea on making your interior the best. This blog will examine how you can handle a few interior design dilemmas for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and decorate your home ideally based on the type of room in your home. 

Interior design ideas for dilemmas from top interior designer in Chennai

Everything has its own space

Choose colors

Adding a favorite bold shade of paint to a small room can make it a cozy nook that people will want to hang out in. A high-gloss finish enhances the luxurious appearance of a penthouse living room.

Make sure a massive mirror is installed

Mirrors can give the illusion that a room is more significant. Mirrors that cover the walls or cover a closet will make a room look larger and bounce light around.

Interior Design Dilemma 1 – Securing the entrance. 

As of yet, I haven’t decided what color to paint my front door. Do you have any favorite colors that you could recommend? 

Especially when you live in a home with old foundations, painting your front door a unique color will give your home personality. Painting your entryway will make it look more welcoming. Our current favorite colors are soft shades of nude and olive green to create a more understated look on a door.

Interior Design Dilemma 2 -Setting the scene.

Home’s entryway is empty and in desperate need of decoration, but I have no idea where to start. Do I implement the same style as my living room? 

Space entrance should flow harmoniously into it, even if it isn’t necessary to stick to a theme. To ensure your scheme looks cohesive:

  • Keep this in mind. You can add small style elements to your entry space, such as rug runners, narrow benches, floor baskets, and wall hooks.
  • Add a mirror or artwork to the entryway to help create a welcoming environment.
  • Think big and bold when choosing art to make a memorable first impression.

In Narrow Spaces

Stripe them

Stripes make a room appear larger, visually expanding it. If you choose to use one, make sure it’s horizontal. There is no easier way to make a room look more comprehensive than to paint stripes directly on the wall or to use wallpaper.

White is the color of choice 

You can create an illusion of ideal space by using an all-white or soft-toned color palette, which aids in alleviating the feeling of being cramped in a small space. Do not overdo pattern and texture so the outside can be seen clearly.

Interior Design Dilemma 3 – My furniture looks old in my new house

Recently, I moved into an apartment that underwent a renovation, and now my mid-century furniture looks out of place. Can you suggest ways to bring it into harmony with the environment? 

It is best to maintain a balance of finishes, textures, and height throughout your interior to make a fusion of new and old designs. Especially when it comes to bedroom interior design for furniture, you should focus more. Adding artwork in frames that complement your furniture will help tie the room together, and neutral, softer furnishings, like rugs and curtains, will enhance your decor.

Explicit plumbing 

Take pride in your differences

Buildings converted from factories, old factories, and warehouses have the “inner workings” displayed. Consider embracing the look and even making a feature out of it. To distinguish the pipes based on their function, paint them in various colors for a bit of fun. This way, you can further highlight your home’s industrial vibe; you’ll notice that the vertical and horizontal lines resemble a grid.

Increase the plumbing even more 

Add even more exposed pipes to your room to make it stand out. They don’t need to function. Have them installed to match the originals. The lines will add flair to the room if polished to a high shine. To make these copper pipes stand out against the dark background, the lustrous copper pipes have been set in a tiny powder room.

Interior Design Dilemma 4 – Natural lighting

Is there any way to increase the appeal of a room with only one window by simulating natural light? 

Indeed, there is! Mirrors can be hung directly adjacent to light sources to help reflect more light. You may also want to consider sheer curtains or roller blinds, which will increase the amount of natural light in your home. Light furnishings and white walls will help maximize natural light.

Ceiling too low 

Put up a high curtain

I dislike low ceilings. Hanging curtains from ceiling to floor is a simple way to solve the problem. The curtains create a waterfall effect without visible rods or rails, immediately giving the impression of height.

Clarify your furnishing

Transparent furnishings and furniture immediately add a sense of openness to a living space. It is a stylish choice to have acrylic or glass furniture as it adds a touch of glamour and stops light from bouncing around the room. The room will also appear loftier if you furnish it with low-profile furniture.

You will fall in love with these 6 interior design ideas.

Invest in a design update that will give your home a fresh look on a budget and in a short amount of time. You can make your entire space feel fresh, on-trend, yet timeless and refined by adding something as simple as an accent wall, a bright light bulb, or a throw pillow. Although the results will appear as if they took a long time, each decorating idea can be completed in one day. For the year ahead, take advantage of the hottest trends in home interior design for 2021.

Start adopting home interior design you’ll love

You can check out some of the kitchen, hall, living room, bathroom, and other home interior design ideas below to make your home look stunning and elegant.

  • Hire affordable house interior designers

More and more people are becoming familiar with home interior design and can afford to do so. Rather than charging clients by the hour, many kitchen interior design companies offer flat-rate packages instead. Many companies use virtual interior design for their work, and 3D realistic renderings help clients visualize their proposed interiors before committing to a remodelling design or furniture and decor purchases. Some of the leading service providers offer free concierge shopping and trade discounts. All you need to bring your dream home to life are the implementation guides, color palettes, and floor plans included in the design package. Instead of DIY, use affordable interior design services to save money while still getting unique designs. There are many best interior designer in Chennai, you can opt to the best one as per your requirements.

  • A Colourful Approach to Painting

The color of the walls is one of the most challenging decisions when decorating a room, primarily if the rest of the décor will be shaped by the chosen palette. However, some colors instantly add glamour to any home if you are looking for elegance. Pick one of these color options, whether it be soft, dramatic, or understated hues. It will instantly make your home more elegant, and your personality will influence your color choice. Black interior doors are another great idea. Automatically it makes you feel expensive without breaking your budget. However, add some black accessories to the space if you decide to move forward with this option.

  • Soften your floors with area rugs

Warmth and color are provided by throw rugs and personality and texture to a home. A hardwood floor looks beautiful and is easy to maintain. Although they provide some comfort, they are not as comfortable as carpeted floors, especially in the cooler months. Your living space can be enhanced by using area rugs. You can display your personality by using various patterns and fabrics together. Alternatively, you could mix rugs with different designs and materials but with the same color – there are countless possibilities.

Changing the tones and fabrics of your rug with the seasons allows you to reflect the warmer and cooler months of the year. Washable cotton rugs are suitable for children’s rooms since they are washable, durable, and visually appealing. You can still be stylish even if you have kids at home. Ultimately, rugs are a personal choice based on your individual needs. Persia rugs are one of the most acceptable options for people looking for intricate art. The designs feature different shapes of everyday objects, geometric designs, animals, and people specific to the region. These sculptures are a classic example of inspiring artists and designers, art imitating life and life imitating art worldwide.

  • Curtains and treatments for windows

Window treatments are a must-have accessory for every home. A home without them looks unfinished and cheap. There are many budget-friendly ways to enhance your home’s style, as well as provide you with privacy. It is incredibly crucial to make intelligent decisions when selecting window treatments. Even though they are the cheapest option, unlined flimsy materials seem reasonable. See-through materials should be avoided at all costs. Curtains are available off-the-rack, so this does not mean that you can’t purchase them. Many chain stores offer lined draperies that look expensive and elegant-even though the prices are reasonable. If you want elegant window treatments, choose natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk (artificial fabric and polyester often come off as cheap). You may prefer wood blinds or woven bamboo shades if draperies are not for you. Dress your windows – this will ensure your house looks well-designed and sophisticated.

  • Add some spice to it.

If you’ve just purchased a brand new sofa, it’s okay to put your family heirlooms next to it. You should always ensure that the décor you choose for your home reflects your unique style and personality. You can still see the story of your past in the antique Chippendale desk in the back. Buying a modern couch also tells a story, a present one, anyway. Presents and pasts can coexist together. The same is valid for art. Indeed, a Monet painting would not be displayed beside a Salvador Dali painting—but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t share a room. Your living space can be enriched with texture and color with fabrics, whether furniture, pillows, or rugs.

  • Don’t think inside the box.

Practical problems are often solved through creativity. Also, it allows you to see things from a completely different perspective when it comes to home decor. By letting your creativity flow, you will notice you do not need to limit yourself to an object’s original purpose. Here are a few ways to make your home décor stand out. Are you struggling to find replacement brass towel bars? You can easily find a drawer pull, and it will work fine. Do you need new flower vases? Mason jars are a great option.

Is your bathroom too small, and do you need more storage? How about leaning a ladder against the wall? While we are used to seeing things for their original function, these things can be used for various other purposes as well! By looking at objects creatively, you can save a lot of money. There may be something at home that you can reuse for a different purpose. Likewise, it’s possible to opt to purchase an item at a lower price point and use it unconventionally when shopping. As of now, we have explored ways to stretch your budget creatively and uncommonly. The problem is that they will not be sufficient to create a stunning look in your home.

I hope you enjoy this comprehensive collection of affordable interior design tips for your dream home!

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