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Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy intends to make you aware of how your personal information is collected by and how well protected is the same, while also, how it may be used. 

We are staunch in the belief that privacy is of utmost importance in the digital world and so, we ascertain you that your personal information will be stored in a secure manner, guarded by the best online security systems, solely for purposes of business. 

Furthermore, we ascertain you that your personal information will not be shared to any third parties without your explicit consent. We respect your right to remain private about your information and the trust you place in us as customers.

Personal information mentioned in the above statements encompasses all the information shared by you on our website, forms, social media accounts, and other related platforms hosted by us. 

Any breach in the privacy of our customers directly or indirectly, will be strictly dealt with, in accordance with the cyber security laws of the Indian government that include Sections 67A of the IT Act 2000, 420, 468, 411, and 378 of the Indian Penal Code.

(woodscape url to be pasted here) is hosted by (name of web hosting company, contact details, and address), a company that is incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, 1956.

Woodscape reserves the sole right to change, modify or replace the above mentioned privacy policy at any point in time.

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