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Modular Fixtures

At Woodscape, we believe in a holistic approach to all our projects, in that, we offer a complete solution for anything from scratch. For instance, if a modular kitchen is being designed, we suggest everything from the colour scheme, to placements, to the types of accessories that would suit best, and everything therein. Choose from an endless array of premium branded products for your kitchen that not only make it beautiful but also stand the test of time or in this case, stand the test of cooking! Chimneys, automated exhausts, lightings specially made for cooking conditions, furniture, cabinets, wicker baskets, drawer sets, tall units, ample corner solutions, and what not! We have it all.

Island Kitchen

This is not typically a kitchen style; rather it is an evolved design that is a resultant of many modifications to traditional designs over years. A kitchen island is typically a freestanding unit fixed in the center of a kitchen to increase storage space. It is usually made to complement the existing kitchen design and also, it may double us as a small counter around which chairs or stools made be arranged and used as per convenience. A L, G, U or even an I type kitchen may be converted to an island kitchen.

U type

This is a design suited best for large houses with at least three walls allotted for kitchen cabinets. These kitchens are colossal, and are mostly open style and are usually converted into dining spaces. These kitchens are usually part of contemporary villas, and other spaces wherein a kitchen typically has to cater to a large amount of daily usage.

G type

This is almost similar to an L type kitchen but inversed and with an extended inclination. This kind of kitchen design is most suited for kitchens that require immense storage area. These kitchens typically have more base cabinets than others.

Corner type

Popularly known as ‘L’ shaped kitchens, these kitchens are minimalist and luxurious at the same time. They take up fairly less space but enhance the very area of the space itself. L shaped kitchens require thoughtful planning even sometimes at the construction level itself. Woodscape offers you endless choices in L shaped kitchens and it is definitely one of our signature facets that we excel in.

I type

This is a sleek design that is also known as ‘Pullman Kitchen’. This style of modular kitchen is deployed in homes that have limited and compact rooms, to improve space efficiency not of only that room but of the entire home itself. Woodscape specializes in making the best use of any amount of space and making it user efficient and convenient. I type modular kitchens are the best choice if you are looking for a cozy kitchen that snugly fits into your home.