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Glass, Gypsum, Wooden and Sound Insulation partitions

Ranging from simple neat glass partitions, to elaborate wooden ones, backed up by gypsum boards and made sound-proof to suit your needs, we offer a wholesome experience in making your spaces complete. Choose from a wide variety of ornate partitions, stylish contemporary ones and the like. Everything is custom-made here at Woodscape. Contact us right away to avail the best prices!

Work Stations

In the present day wherein office setups have moved home and everybody wishes for a professional atmosphere whether working from home or elsewhere, here we come to the rescue! Whether it is a lavish workspace complete with plush chairs and desks, or a quaint little cubicle within the walls of your room, we got you! Trust us to win you over with our affordable yet classy designs. Ping us now!

Facade Design

While every other element in a building is designed to suit convenience and practical usage, the facade is the only element that sets the tone and renders a certain character to the building, thereby making a mark for itself. We offer premium Facade designs that are uniquely curated to suit your tastes and style. In matters of design, we are always a class apart. Choose a unique facade for your building now, call us!


We also offer Building Maintenance Services such as Fire alarms, Fire detectors, and Fire extinguishers.

  1. Fire Alarms

We offer intelligent automated Fire alarms from standard brands and install them as well, to help maintain the security of a building with least to no damage.

  1. Fire Detectors

Fire Detectors are probably the most vital invention to human life itself. A good detector can help save many a hassle and loss. We offer only the best brands for safety can never be compromised. 

  1. Fire Extinguishers

We offer both chemical filled cylinder installations as well as sprinklers that work effectively for different types of fires.

Bathroom cubical and fittings

In the present day, a bathroom has become more than just a titular space. It has become a personally salient part of aesthetic engineering, serving to enhance one’s mood, reflect one’s persona and so forth. All said and done, comfort reigns supreme where matters of the bathroom are concerned. Therefore, ensure that you choose wisely and invest in premium fittings and ample cubicles for your bathrooms, ensuring comfort of your home at your commercial space too. Let us take up all the strenuous work while you choose according to your requirements. Give us a call right away!


Tiles are concrete carpets that often exude the environment of the space they are in. Therefore, it is important to choose the right tiles that not only appeal aesthetically but also are compatible with the floor, the climatic conditions and the environment they are fitted in; and who better than an expert engineer to guide you through this process? We are only a text away.

False Ceiling

No sooner does the door open, our eyes wander up to the ceiling as soon as we enter any space and so, the ‘Fifth wall’ as the ceiling is known popularly, has to be conspicuous and pleasant to the eye. In order to give it an uplift, a false ceiling is required so that the actual ceiling remains durable and undisturbed while adding a glamorous touch to an otherwise dull part of the room. We daresay that a good ceiling instantly changes the mood of the entire space itself, more so in the case of a commercial space. We offer a wide array of suspended ceilings that are sturdy, stylish and affordable. Ping us to explore false ceilings right away!